• Mini Lab

The next best thing to providing families with computers to take home is to install them into publicly accessible places such as Home & School Association rooms inside schools we are working with, Community Centers and libraries.

Home & School Association (H&SA) Rooms

There are many reasons why we like to set up mini labs into H&SA Rooms inside schools.

  • Schools love to get the parents or caregivers to come to the school.
  • Besides the computers, we typically install a working printer as well. This allows students to print their homework or other materials when needed (we’ve found that families often lack a working printer, even when they do have a working computer at home).
  • The computers are part of the school network and thus behind SDP firewall, which reduces our concerns about how the equipment is being used.

Community Centers

For similar reasons as H&SA Rooms references below, we like to support Community Centers when we can.

Mini-Labs News:

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