• Mini Lab

PCF actively supports publicly accessible Community Centers, Daycare Centers, Churches and other spaces that accommodate students for distance learning. These same spaces often will allow adults to make use of their facilities (and our equipment) to get online to pay bills, research, apply for jobs, training, and so on.

Distance Learning ‘Pods’

PCF is actively working with community partners that accommodate students to learn online while their parents go to work or run errands.

  • We work with smaller community organizations; not the XXL District Pods.
  • These spaces provide some level of supervision while the students learn online.
  • Typical installations involve running wires, installing Ethernet jacks, providing WiFi routers and/or range extenders.
  • Students typically bring their SDP provided Chromebook. PCF typically provides one or more desktop and/or laptop computers in case equipment is broken or left at home.
  • Often time a printer is added to the network as well.

Daycare Centers

PCF is actively working with Daycare Centers to provide them with the technology they need to support their students’ online activities.

  • Like other learning institutions, Daycare Centers are struggling to survive.
  • PCF believes they offer critical support in the communities we serve.
  • PCF supports qualifying Daycare with the computers and networking needed for their students to get online.

Community Centers

Community Centers provide their respective communities with access to the internet. Families can use these publicly accessible spaces to get online for job training, apply for benefits, pay bills, research, and so on.

  • PCF will support these places for as long as they do not charge to access the computers/internet.

Home & School Association (H&SA) Rooms

There are many reasons why we like to set up mini labs into H&SA Rooms inside schools.

  • Schools love to get the parents or caregivers to come to the school.
  • Besides the computers, we typically install a working printer as well. This allows students to print their homework or other materials when needed (we’ve found that families often lack a working printer, even when they do have a working computer at home).
  • The computers are part of the school network and thus behind SDP firewall, which reduces our concerns about how the equipment is being used.

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