Last Friday, PCF Director Jan Deruiter joined PCF’s Western Suburb Chapter members Srikar and Ashwin for the installation of a 10-unit lab in a South Philadelphia Community Center.

The Community Center offers a variety of programs to serve the Bhutanese refugee (learn more ») community who have resettled in the Philadelphia area in last ten years. Among the programs offered are computer literacy classes, music, and others.

PCF installed 5 desktops in a lab room upstairs to replace the dated Windows computers. But rather than recycle those existing Windows machines, Ashwin and Srikar refurbished them onsite (using our Linux software) so that the Center can gift them to some of their members to take home.

The Center’s programming and instruction is led by Preeti Krishnamani. She was actively involved during the installation and is working with PCF on other potential lab installations in the greater Philadelphia area.

In addition to the upstairs computer room desktops, PCF also gifted the Center 5 laptops that can be used throughout the building.

PCF is very grateful to Ashwin and Srikar for finding this Center to support. They have been quite active in the Western Suburbs soliciting computer donations and finding community centers and families to support.