Now more than ever, PCF needs computers (especially laptops) to donate to families in need. Besides computers, we need financial donations to pay for video cameras, laptop batteries, wi-fi adapters, and refurbishing parts.

Equipment donation guidelines »

Donating Your Computer/s is Easy and Contact-Free.

Individual equipment donations can be dropped off at our drop-off location in West Mt. Airy. Simply leave the computer at the front door and we will handle it from there. Please contact us for the exact location.

For larger donations, we can leave you with sanitized storage bins to fill at your convenience. Once filled, we will pick them up from your location. Each bin holds roughly 7 laptop computers; we will leave you as many as you need.

PCF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and will happily provide you with a receipt for market value of your donation.

Please contact us if you would like to donate your computer/s or make a financial donation today. View our donation guidelines here »

Before the pandemic, PCF provided families with much needed technology to supplement their education. The computers we give away these days, however, are essential in students’ ability to get any education at all.

Philadelphia Public Schools

Since the pandemic began, PCF has provided more than 400 families with computers. While the district has provided a lot of Chromebooks, there are not enough to go around and some schools have turned to PCF to help close the gap.

Despite the influx of new Chromebooks from the District, schools have had to use up their own inventory of equipment. They have emptied their laptop carts, lab computers, etc. to give to their students to use at home. Their worry is that some of their computers will get damaged or may not be returned, especially when students age out of their school by the end of this school year.

And the question very much remains what the funding will look like in the future with virtually all programs being cut at the local, state and federal levels.

Please consider donating your computer and we will ensure it gets into the hands of a needy recipient.

College Students

Besides public school students, PCF has experienced a huge increase in demand by college students that have returned home. They are now forced to continue their classes online but many do not have the equipment to do so. PCF has been providing many of these students with the lifeline they need to continue their studies.

Your computer or financial donation would make a world of difference to a student in need.

Surrounding Counties

While the Philadelphia school district has been extremely fortunate to receive a huge infusion of local business support, schools in surrounding areas have been (by and large) left to their own devices. We are currently working with programs and schools in Camden, Chester, Upper Darby, and others.

These surrounding areas really need our help and PCF will continue to expend our energy and resources in the areas of greatest need.

Please consider donating your computer or make a financial donation to help us pay for cameras, batteries and refurbishing supplies.

Daycare Centers, Non-Public Schools, Community Centers, etc.

There are a great many students that attend non public schools and daycare centers in Philadelphia. These institutions were mandated to go online as well but did not benefit from the equipment donations to the District. So while some of these places are technically for profit, the burden of this equipment has fallen on the families that attend these schools and programs.

Community Centers were often a place for neighborhood people to go online to fill out application for job, benefits, pay bills online and so on. Now that they are no longer able to access the resources in these places, these communities are in great need. PCF has been working with several of these to provide take-home computers to the families in greatest need.

Cameras are now Essential

Not too long ago, there was a hacking incident at a school on the Main Line that made a lot of parents nervous about privacy. As a result, the 600+ laptops we received from one of those schools lacked cameras (or microphones for that matter). In addition, our older inventory often does not include cameras either. So while we can make older Core 2/Duo machines work faster by replacing Windows with Linux, we need to purchase cameras and microphones for them to be used effectively for distance learning.

And typically desktop computers do not come with cameras either.

Things have changed and cameras are now essential. We have been able to purchase very basic cameras for less than $20 each. Please consider making a financial donation today to help us purchase additional cameras.

Below are the 3 types of cameras we have purchased in bulk thus far. The choice has in part been dictated by our ability to get them in a reasonable time frame.