Basic Refurbishing Instructions

The Refurbishing Process Explained: PCF maintains master computers that are cloned (replicated) using USB sticks/Flash Drives These master computers are configured with three different types of users. They include accounts for: Students with added protections Admins (for parents, teachers, adults) [...]

USB Installer Flash Drive Imaging

There are two ways to "image" (clone) a machine using a PCF USB Installer Flash Drive: Use the script that automates much of the process Perform the steps manually Boot from the USB: Start up your computer from a PCF [...]

Loud fan but not starting up

If your computer's fan sounds like it is going on full blast but your computer is not starting up, please try the following: Unplug your computer Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds (to drain the battery completely) [...]

Beeps (1-3-4-3) upon startup

If your computer beeps (1 beep-3-4-3) but doesn't boot then this is often a memory related issue. Please try the following: Unplug the power cord Remove the memory chips from the machine Make sure they are the same size and [...]

Access Keys for Boot Order & BIOS

To specify the drive you wish to boot from or to access the BIOS screen, repeatedly press the appropriate Function key immediately after turning on the computer. The Function Key to use/press depends on your computer brand/model. ASUS (most models) [...]