Many kids in and around Philadelphia don’t have the tools to succeed.

PCF supports distance learning by supplying FREE internet-ready computers to families in need.

We also teach computer literacy classes, provide computers to schools and community centers, and help outfit school libraries with books.

Please donate your old computer/s today!

There is a huge need for take-home computers right now because of the pandemic. A great many students have been unable to get a computer to use at home for distance learning.

Did you know that most inner-city public school classrooms still do not have enough working computers? Most students do not have one at home either. Learn more »

Here are some sobering recent facts about Philadelphia public schools:

  • …only 22 percent of the Class of 2017 will graduate on time… (Newsworks)
  • …the majority of students that do not graduate on time drop out altogether… (SDP report)
  • …67% of dropouts were economically challenged, 59% Male, 58% Black/African American…

Among the main causes cited:

  • …the majority of students who drop out scored basic or below on 8th Grade Math PSSA…
  • …students who enter 9th grade over-age (previously held back) are more likely to drop out…

These are District averages. The numbers at some of the schools PCF supports may be (much) worse!

BUT, as appalling as these stats are, the good news is that PCF, with your support, can have a real impact! This is not a problem that is too big for us to address on a school by school basis. For a mere $250 per classroom, we are able to make a difference for the students in that class. Class by class, grade by grade, school by school.

Make a difference and donate today !

Initial Results:

The schools we have supported have seen an improvement in math and reading performance as a result of being able to access web-based “Intervention Tools” (web sites) during class. In our testimonials, you can review one teacher who states that 6 of her held-back K-students moved up to 1st grade before the end of the year, putting them back on track. Other teachers spoke to the ability to use these EDU websites to track students’ individual progress and address specific shortcomings.

These outcomes are not etched in stone. For very little money, you can provide substantive help.

Current Philadelphia Children’s Foundation Programs:

PCF Classroom Computers

Computers for Education:

PCF’s main focus is to support Philadelphia public schools by installing internet-ready computers into classrooms and publicly accessible rooms within the school. Details »

PCF Library Support

Public School Library Support:

PCF has donated thousands of books and helped by color-coding books according to reading level (100-Book Challenge). Details »

PCF #d Printer and Computer Literacy Classes

3D Printing and Technology Classes:

PCF teaches students how to make printable objects such as keychain tags (for mother’s & father’s days), chess pieces and rockets that fit Estes engines! Details »

“Tech-Master” (IT Support Teams):

PCF creates and nurtures small IT Support Teams inside schools to refurbish, image, install and maintain the equipment we donate to their schools! Details »

H&SA Mini Labs

Publicly-Accessible Mini-Labs:

PCF support students and their families by setting up mini-labs in publicly accessible spaces such as Home & School Association rooms inside schools, Community Centers, Libraries, etc. Details »

Take Home Computers

Take-Home Computers:

PCF has handed out hundreds of computers to low income families over the years. While we still support this program, our emphasis is to support students through their schools. Details »

Corporate Giving Conduit

Corporate Giving Conduit:

PCF often acts as s conduit for corporations such as Five Below, HPP and others to donate iPads, toys, school supplies, computers, tickets, etc. to Philadelphia schools in need. Details »