The Philadelphia Children’s Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our EIN # is 20-5356792

Plain and simple, PCF cannot exist without the financial support from corporations, organizations, foundations and individuals to do our work. The need among Philadelphia schools and community is stifling but with your help, we are able to offer much needed support to many schools and communities.

Nobody stretches your donation like PCF:

  • Minimal Overhead. Our focus everyday is improving educational outcomes, not paying rent, salaries or overhead in general. Our computers and rehab volunteers come at zero cost to PCF. To save money, we use a storage facility rather than rent office/warehouse space and rent trucks as needed.  Your donation goes towards purchasing network switches, cabling, power strips, extensions cords, memory, replacement drives, temp labor during larger installation job, and occasional truck rental.
  • Invest, don’t spend. The vast majority of PCF’s computers and books are donated in bulk by companies and don’t cost us anything. So we use our resources to upgrade each machine by replacing any damaged parts with newer ones (hard drives, memory), and we install tailored educational software that teachers can use with students on day one.
  • All volunteer rehab team. PCF does not have any salaried technicians – we rely on community volunteers and partnerships with regional companies and organizations that help us free of charge. And in most cases, we work with students as young as 4th and 5th grades to do the actual rehabbing!
  • Awesome Parters. PCF’s longest partnerships are with HPP (to provide us with equipment and financial support) and with Keystone Memory Group LLC, a leading data destruction and electronic asset disposal firm near Philadelphia. Keystone extends us the absolute lowest prices for some of the most expensive parts of the computer collection and rehab process: hard-drive shredding, recycling unusable parts, and bulk computer pickups

No matter how much ‘free’ stuff we get, PCF needs your financial
donation in order to deploy the equipment & books.

Please review some donation options below or contact us for additional options or information.

In addition to funding, we also gladly accept donations of goods.

The options below use PayPal which can also be used to make credit card donations (you do not need to create a PayPal account to pay with a credit card). We’ll happily accept checks, especially for larger donations. Please use the address on our contact us page (it’s also in the footer at the bottom of every page).

One Computer

  • Pays for 1 refurbished computer or 2 webcams or headphones.

Teacher Support

  • Two computers; or 4 webcams or headphones; or 2 toner cartridges

Basic Daycare

  • Up to four laptops with headphones.

Mini Lab

  • A mini-lab in a school or cmty. center (up to 6 computers with speakers/headphones and webcams, printer with toner, networking, etc.)

Support a Classroom

  • Up to 15 computers with headphones & webcams, a printer with toner, power strips, networking, etc.

You Decide

  • Choose the amount you’d like to donate. Any and all donations are appreciated and will serve Philly students and communities!

Instead of going to costly overhead, your donation directly supports PCF’s computer rehab program that puts computers in hundreds of classrooms every year. Your support will fund the actual cost for us to support schools and community projects: computer parts for refurbishing, buying power strips, networks switches, cables, used printers, toner, library shelving, 3D printer supplies (for our classes), etc.

While the computers may be ‘free’, we have to buy memory, (used) hard disks, monitors/keyboard (for those that came without), etc. It takes about an hour to clean a machine and to put Linux on it.