To illustrate the vital importance of having computers in the classroom.

Teacher/Principal Testimonials:

Emlen was our first Classroom Computer Program recipient. Thanks to the success of our pilot program there, we have been allowed to work with other SDP schools directly. Houston was the second school we gifted classroom computers.

“When I tell you that my teachers and students were ecstatic about being able to have access to more technology within their classrooms, that’s an understatement! We went from one or two computers to a classroom to three computers to a room. Before this program , I didn’t even have enough computers to place into my Pre- K classrooms. Now every classroom in building has access to technology to support the instructional program. The students enjoy the additional time they now have during center activities to access our interventions such as First in Math and LEXIA. We are excited that our students have access to more computer technology and realize that we would have never been able to afford new computers for each room!”

“It is with sincere appreciation that I thank you for your support of James Logan School. Your generous donations over the past two years have made a difference at our school. In a district where resources are scarce and demands are overwhelming, your acts of kindness have made it possible for us to maintain a positive school climate, while providing students with the necessary technology skills to be successful learners.

In April of 2016, you organized several volunteer days at Logan School to install computers in every classroom. I watched as you worked eagerly alongside the volunteers, giving of your time to ensure that our students would be able to use computers to extend mathematics and reading instruction. The students were excited to assist you!

On behalf of the staff and students at James Logan School, I extend a sincere thank you. Your ongoing support of our school is recognized and appreciated.

Kind regards,

Chuanika Sanders-Thomas
Principal, James Logan School”

“12 students entered kindergarten lacking basic skills so they were registered on the LEXIA reading program. I would monitor my students’ LEXIA progress daily (admin tools). By the end of the year, ALL my students mastered the Pre-K skills they were lacking. And SIX students obtained their Kindergarten skills and moved on to 1st Grade by April/May 🙂 “

“The computers are MACHINES. Super super quick and easy. Things have been quiet so they are easy to use too! Everyone is really excited and grateful. I don’t really even know how to begin to thank YOU and your team. It honestly is unreal.

The fact that everyone is and soon will be able to provide their students with an opportunity for Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions in their rooms ACROSS the board is unreal, a crime that they weren’t and really just an amazing opportunity you are providing our students. I don’t know how we can begin to express our gratitude.

I was keeping an eye on the students that were logged on to the Philadelphia Sumdog contest during the school day last week and it was students in the rooms where the computers have been installed already which was pretty cool to watch, in addition to the lab.”

“Being an art teacher, I’ve only ever had the one teacher’s computer in my classroom. When the guys from the Children’s Foundation approached me about adding two more to my class, quite honestly I was skeptical. I did not want the students to think that this was going to open the door for them to play games on Disney or Cartoon Network during my class time. The computers have been such a blessing. The children who have completed their projects are now able to go online and research different artists such as Andy Warhol and different types of art like pointillism. As the First in Math moderator, the extra computers in the classrooms have helped increase our participation greatly.”

“Having the extra computers in my classroom allows for more students the opportunity to get on First In Math and LEXIA. These are two technology based curriculum programs that help support the needs of my struggling students. I love the fact that this equipment has supported my reading and math programs especially when it comes to Center Time. My students enjoy the extra time they have on the computers that they did not have before.”

“Meeting my goals for interventions has always been a problem. Often times I will have 9-10 students who should be using Lexia, but only one working computer in my classroom. Having these computers in my class has given me the opportunity to meet my intervention goals each week. Thank you so much.”

“As a head start teacher, we’ve never had the access to computers the way that the K-5 classes have. The Philadelphia Children’s Foundation provided us with the same materials that the big kids got. It is so exciting. Our children will now go to Kindergarten being exposed to technology and the Internet. That is a norm that we would not have been able to provide them with.”

I have witnessed much student progress. Our First in Math program has a component that focuses on basic addition and multiplication facts. Given the fact that our Envision Curriculum does not spend time on these skills, it is an extremely important tool for teaching students who have not mastered these basic math skills.”

“Most of my struggling readers improved in fluency and basic decoding skills. Thank You So Much 🙂 “

“I have been the TTL (both acting and appointed) for four years at Emlen Elementary. The lack of technology in the classrooms has always been a great issue. The computers that were there were basically obsolete…They could not run Flash, the Internet did not always connect, and getting them to run web based programs was usually not an option (as they could not keep up with the increasing implementation of Java and Shockwave in today’s programs).

Before two years ago when people would approach my school about donations we would often take it with a grain of salt. So often they have the right intention, they just don’t understand the mass undertaking that they are embarking on. This was before the Mount Airy Coalition came into our lives. The friends and community partners that we have met through this organization have completely changed our school.

Through the Coalition, I was introduced to Jan Deruiter and the Philadelphia Children’s Foundation. They brought me into a casual sit down over the summer to discuss what we needed as a school. It was not an interview, it was not a grant, it was a sit down. It was a ‘What do you need as a school to make technology happen here?’ conversation. I told them what we had, what we wish we had, what our school could handle. Quite frankly when they spoke of the Linux Operating System, I was slightly nervous. My staff is not exactly what some would describe as ‘tech literate’ or even tech friendly. I worried because in my mind if they could not go to the ‘little maginifying glass’ and type in the program that didn’t open right up I was afraid that they would basically shut down all options. I could not have been more wrong.

Jan Deruiter had me create a list of bookmarks that the students would use universally. Each one of these sites is bookmarked directly on the Firefox toolbar, even the Kindergarteners are having success in getting on the sites they need to go to.

Before the second week of the school year, we had three functional computers in each and every classroom. Each computer that has been donated has a little sticker on it that offers contact information in case of any issues. John and Jan made me aware that it was absolutely not my job to fix any problems and that they would come and fix any issues that the computers were having. The only issues that we have had 5 months into this has been the updating of Adobe Flash, which on any given day will take 2 minutes of my time. This time last year every prep period, TTL, and lunch period I had were used fixing machines that really had no place in today’s classrooms. These days my prep is used for preparing, my lunch is used for eating, and my TTL is used for many other things besides basic computer repair.

I cannot thank the people at the PCF enough.”

What Some of the Students Have Said:

After PCF installed the computers at Houston Elementary and gifted 25 iPads to Shawmont Elementary, we received a few dozen hand made/drawn cards from students in different grades. Very personal and they made us all feel great. Here are what a few of them said (verbatim):

From Houston Students:

Dear Philadelphia Children’s Foundation. Thank you for giving us new computers. I can’t wait to use them. For first in math and sumdog. I appreciate that and we are very happy for the computers in our classroom and throughout the school. We appreciate your hard work to put them in. Thank you and hope to see you again. Sincerely Abril “

“Dear Phila. Children’s Foundation. Thank you for installing our computers in our classroom. Wow. I can go on Sumdog and Lexia. Mostly SumDog. When I get on SumDog I can solve math problems. Thank You! From 206”

“Thank you for giving us the computer. You make it easier to do research. Now if we are good we can play math games. Thank you donaters!”

“To: People who donate money to Children’s Found: Thank you for donate money to give us computer. You guys are the best. First we had one computer. Then when you came now we have three. Best Ever.”

“Thank You Phila Children’s Foundation. You guys are kind and awesome. I don’t even know how you hooked up the computers. I will always use every one of my second on there to appreciate what you did. Thank You.”

“Dear donaters, Principal Hall, and computer installers: I appreciate how you donate the money for us. We only have 1 computer. Thanks to everyone for giving us 2 more computers. Finally, thank you installers for taking the time out to install them.

“Thank You. Thank you for the computers. They make it easier to research different things. I am so happy. Also they will help me build my divisions skills.”

“Thank you for the computers! Thank you because we didn’t get to go on the computer that much. Every time the answer was no. What I am going to do is go on coolmath and play as many games as I can.”

“Thank you for the computers. They are awesome. It makes it easier to work on Lexia a reading game to improve my reading. Thank you again.

From Shawmont Elementary Students:

“Dear Jan Deruiter of Philadelphia Children’s Foundation. I appreciate you giving us iPads. That was very generous of you. From the bottom of my heart Shawmont thanks you. Our school is going to better thanks to you!”

“Dear Philadelphia Children’s Foundation. Hello. I am very thankful for your donating the iPads to us. Thank you and the future kids in 5th grade too will be thankful. Love Kamayah”

“Dear Jan Deruiter of Phila Children’s Foundation. We greatly appreciate your donation of iPads. They will help us learn easier. Our current generation is better working with electronics. Thank you again for your generosity. Thanks Connor”

“Thank you so much for giving us 25 iPads!! We really appreciate it. You put a smile of disbelief on everyone of my classmate’s faces. Please continue to have much generosity. You will always be one of my favorite foundations. Alright. See you on the flip side! Buy-bye! Thank you Julie”