PCF recently attended the 2016 Philadelphia School District Strategic Partnership Fair. During the meeting, more than 30 school principals asked (some begged 🙂 ) for PCF to supply them with Classroom Mini-Labs, help implement a 3D printing class, or offer library support.

Get Involved!

Schools eager for our support are shown below:

We have the (2,000+) computers in inventory to support them all but need your financial support to refurbish, deliver, and install them.
Get Involved!

Please contact us about sponsoring a computer, a classroom mini-lab, or an entire school (cost varies).

  • Andrew Hamilton
  • Anna Blakiston Day School
  • Benjamin Franklin Academics Plus
  • C.C.A. Baldi Mdl. School
  • Clara Barton Elem. School
  • Dimner Beeber Middle School
  • Edward T. Steel
  • Emlen Elem.
  • F. S. Edmonds
  • General Philip Kearny
  • Henry H. Houston Elem.
  • James Logan Elem. School
  • Jenks Academy for the Arts & Sciences
  • John M. Patterson Elem.
  • John Marshall Elem.
  • Joseph J Greenberg Elem.
  • Lamberton School
  • Lankenau High School
  • Lewis C. Cassidy Academics Plus School
  • Morton McMichael
  • Northeast High School
  • Olney Elementary
  • Robert Morris School
  • Samuel Gompers Elem.
    Samuel Powel Elem.
  • Shawmont School
  • Thomas G. Morton
  • Thomas K. Finletter
  • Thomas Mifflin School
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Warren G. Harding Mdl. School
  • William Cramp Elem. School
  • William H. Loesche Elem.
  • William T. Tilden