PCF supports Philadelphia public schools by installing internet-ready computers in classrooms and publicly accessible locations. We also help outfit school libraries with books, provide computers to low-income families that do not have them, and teach 3D printing classes.

Did you know that most public school classrooms do not have a single working computer for teachers and students to use? Learn more »

Current Philadelphia Children’s Foundation Programs:

PCF Classroom Computers

Computers for Education:

PCF’s main focus is to support Philadelphia public schools by installing internet-ready computers into classrooms and publicly accessible rooms within the school. Details »

PCF Library Support

Public School Library Support:

PCF has donated thousands of books and helped by color-coding books according to reading level (100-Book Challenge). Details »

PCF #d Printer and Computer Literacy Classes

3D Printing and Technology Classes:

PCF teaches students how to 3D print keychain tags, chess pieces and rockets that fit Estes engines! Plus we offer other computer literacy teaching. Details »

“IT Support Teams”:

PCF creates and nurtures small IT Support Teams inside schools to refurbish, image, install and maintain the equipment we donate to their schools! Details »

Other Programs:

H&SA Mini Labs

Publicly-Accessible Mini-Labs:

PCF support students and their families by setting up mini-labs in publicly accessible spaces such as Home & School Association rooms inside schools, Community Centers, Libraries, etc. Details »

Take Home Computers

Take-Home Computers:

PCF has handed out hundreds of computers to low income families over the years. While we still support this program, our emphasis is to support students through their schools. Details »

Corporate Giving Conduit

Corporate Giving Conduit:

PCF often acts as s conduit for corporations such as Five Below, HPP and others to donate iPads, toys, school supplies, computers, tickets, etc. to Philadelphia schools in need. Details »