PCF has been working with selected schools to provide parents and caregivers with free take-home computers. As part of the application process, parents commit to spend at least one hour a week with their student/s on the (premium) educational websites that are provided by the District. These are the same educational websites students use during school hours. Tools such as Lexia, iReady, Sumdog and so forth provide a great way for students to cacth up in areas where they may be falling behind.

Applications are handed out at the front desk of participating schools. In some cases, teachers personally provide some of their students (that would benefit the most) with applications. Once PCF receives enough applications from a school, we set up a few dates to hand out the equipment. Depending on the weather, we set up either outside or else in the school’s auditorium or conference room. The less we have to carry, the better 🙂

Parents get to choose between a laptop or desktop computer. Thanks to the generous support from our donors, PCF provides replacement batteries, chargers, Ethernet cables, USB wi-fi adapters, power strips, and other supplies as needed.

So far this year, PCF has handed out about 250 take home computers. We have worked with Emlen, Logan, and direct applicants. Soon will be setting up at Edmonds, W. McKinley and perhaps Harding, Day and others.

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