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About Display/Monitor Adapters

Your monitor cable typically looks like this If you are connecting a (secondary) monitor to a laptop, you MAY need an adapter. Here is a guide: Most monitors come with a standard VGA connector/cable. See the image to the right. The cable is typically blue and has three rows of pins. PC's or Older Macs If you have a PC or a (very) old Mac, then chances are it has a [...]

January 21st, 2021|Categories: Take Home Computers|

Take Home Computers for Remote Learning

After the first school district shut down back in April, many of our partner schools approached PCF for help. While the district had provided a large/huge infusion of Chromebooks, there were not enough to go around and in some cases, schools were reluctant to empty out their classroom inventory in fear of equipment loss or damage upon the students' return to school (some day). There was a lot of uncertainty and some schools simply did [...]

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~250 Family Take-Home Computers Donated

PCF has been working with selected schools to provide parents and caregivers with free take-home computers. As part of the application process, parents commit to spend at least one hour a week with their student/s on the (premium) educational websites that are provided by the District. These are the same educational websites students use during school hours. Tools such as Lexia, iReady, Sumdog and so forth provide a great way for students to cacth up [...]

Laptops for Refugee Family Students

Thanks to St. Peter's Church in Society Hill, and congregant Ms. Woods in particular (pictured above), PCF was able to offer assistance to a refugee family in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia. The family fled their native country of Congo and relocated to the United States with their four children, all of whom are serious students enrolled in various schools and programs. In the process we learned just how many agencies, support organizations, and volunteer [...]

June 11th, 2017|Categories: Take Home Computers|

PhillyKids is Looking for Part-Time Worker/s

The Philadelphia Children's Foundation is looking to fill a part time position as soon as possible. Philadelphia Children’s Foundation Elementary School Technology Program Development and Instruction Position Description Background PCF is a non-profit organization of people who passionately believe that tomorrow’s leaders need computer skills today.  Many inner-city households have no or no working computer, and their children often go to schools in the same boat: many classrooms have few or no working computers to assist in [...]

Take Home Computer for Family In Bustleton

PCF donated and installed a computer for third grader Rayna in the Bustleton section of Philadelphia. Rayna is an honor student who needed a computer in order to be able to keep up with her classmates. most of whom have computers and internet access at home. Her school is relying more and more on students having access to a computer at home in order to do their homework (and submit it online). PCF helped the [...]

January 12th, 2017|Categories: Take Home Computers|

PCF’s New State-of-the-Art Refurbishing Process

We could have used a few different titles for this post such as "How To Save Yourself 60+ Minutes Per Machine", or "Fast and Error-Free Refurbishing" or "How DAO Technologies Saved PCF !" among others. PCF has been incredibly fortunate to have received support from DAO Technologies this Fall. DAO devised a very practical, state-of-the-art way to refurbish computers or to update those already installed: Rather than configure each machine individually, we now create a [...]

ABCya! Lowers Flash Requirements

ABCya! is one of the most popular educational games websites among students in the various schools we work with. It offers students of all ages/grades educational games to teach them math, reading, and so on while having fun. A few weeks ago, we learned that the company had raised its Flash requirements to the latest version offered by Adobe. But unfortunately, that latest version of Flash no longer works on older computers, including the ones [...]

PCF Supports “The ITEM” With Laptops

Philadelphia is lucky to have a program that assists post high-school minorities and women in the field of technology.  The Item (which stands for "Inclusive Technology & Entrepreneurship Movement") has regular meet-up meetings where they discuss technology and get hands-on experience. At a recent meet-up, The Item got into programming and were looking for laptops for five of their their members. Another organization put them in touch with PCF. We gave five of their aspiring [...]

March 26th, 2016|Categories: PCF News, Take Home Computers|

60 Elementary Students Take Home Family’s First Computer

PHILADELPHIA, PA  -  On March 13, 2014, Philadelphia Children's Foundation distributed computers to the fifth grade students of Hartranft Elementary School. The entire fifth grade class, totaling 59 children received a computer. Students and their families, joined by Hartranft faculty and several members of the Philadelphia Children's Foundation board, gathered in the Hartranft auditorium to collect 60 newly refurbished computers. Principal Kelli Rosado addressed the students and their families and outlined the advantages of having a computer at home [...]

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