Philadelphia is lucky to have a program that assists post high-school minorities and women in the field of technology.  The Item (which stands for “Inclusive Technology & Entrepreneurship Movement”) has regular meet-up meetings where they discuss technology and get hands-on experience.

At a recent meet-up, The Item got into programming and were looking for laptops for five of their their members. Another organization put them in touch with PCF. We gave five of their aspiring programmers a laptop to use and received the below grateful note from one of The Item organizers:

Thank you kindly for your considerate turnaround of the 5 laptops for members of our class last week. We handed out all five of the computers and all were received with gratitude. While I was unable to take pictures of all the laptops and their recipients together, the pictures below demonstrated their use in real time.

Thank you.

Economic Inclusion through Technology
@theitemphilly  |  # techinclusion

Here are some photos provided by The Item

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