We have learned that it helps to move our equipment into staging rooms inside schools before we show up at a future date to install them. This way, we cut down on truck rental expenses plus we make the most efficient use of our volunteers’ time during installation and it gives us a chance to get the lay of the land beforehand.

We have also learned that for two people to move 130+ computers into three different schools feels like a mountain stage in the Tour de France! Few schools have elevators and some of our equipment can weight up to 15 lbs. So one must choose between carrying extra weight or doing additional stairs…either way, it adds up to sore legs the day after.

ITT Technical Institute graduate Darren Wilkerson and PCF’s Jan Deruiter completed the move of the equipment to Cramp, Steel and Logan one Monday in March. Computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, networking supplies, power strips, extension cords and other supplies were delivered prior to installation the following week.

While it is hard work sometimes, PCF is fortunate to have the support from our equipment and financial donors to be able to do the work we do!

Below are some pictures of the equipment that was moved.

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