This year PCF was very excited to team up with Ms McConnell, 7th grade science teacher at Mifflin Elementary. We used 3D printing to help illustrate basic science concepts.

Ms McConnell and PCF had been trying to figure out something to do with her 7th grade that would not merely let the students doodle with 3D software but use it to enhance her curriculum. The students had been learning about different types of energy so we decided to use 3D printing to illustrate the difference between potential and kinetic energies.

After doing some research, PCF presented her with a couple of options: 3d printed derby cars or 3d airplanes. We decided to go with the plane option: students would design the wings for rubber band-propelled airplanes and see which wing design would work best.

Her class was quite large and working with 7th graders was definitely a departure from the typical 4th and 5th grade cohorts that we often work with.

In the end, students designed a wide variety of wings and there were some surprising results when we launched our creations in the hallway.

PCF is grateful to Ms. McConnell for letting us work with her students. After it was all over, we learned as much as they did and we look forward to using this curriculum at other schools going forward.

3D Printing After School Class

Besides working with the 7th graders, we also worked with Mifflin’s after school program. Students designed the usual fidget spinners, keychain tags, minecraft gear and so on.

During the year, the class presented their creations to Dr. Hite, superintendent of the school district of Philadelphia. In the pictures below, students talked abotu what they had created in their presentation to Dr. Hite.