• Updating Computers

PCF’s “Tech-Master” program combines our computer literacy teaching and classroom computers programs.

We are working with selected schools to create and nurture “IT Support Teams” to refurbish, install, and maintain the equipment we donate to their schools. These Teams are comprised of students as young as 4th grade. The objective is for these students to become responsible for the installation and maintenance of our donated equipment throughout the school year.

We currently have hundreds of computers to donate. Our goal is to use these small Tech-Master Teams to install them all in as many schools as possible and make their schools more self-sufficient with the on-going maintenance needs (updating and replacement/fixing of defective units).

We ran two pilot programs at Emlen and Houston using 4th and 5th graders with great success.

Students will learn about:

  • Needs assessment (taking inventory of computer and support needs in their school)
  • Refurbishing (adding hard drives, adding RAM, cleaning the insides of computers)
  • “Imaging” (unlocking BIOS, starting from external devices, copying the image)
  • Installation (power, video, mouse/keyboard, and testing)
  • Networking (switches, patch cables, testing ethernet jacks)
  • Linux (terminal commands to perform the imaging)
  • Asset and inventory management (numbering machines, keeping supplies)

Each school is very different and we will adjust our program according to the needs of each school.


If you are interested in implementing an Tech-Master/IT Support Team program in your school, please contact us.

If you are interested in classroom computers, please fill out this application Form.


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