Volunteers make up the lifeblood of Philadelphia Children’s Foundation.  Just a few hours of your time with PCF can help make a positive, lasting impact on the students and youth we serve. Please contact us if you are interested in helping during a volunteer day or on your own during the week.

Computer Refurbishers

We are looking for volunteers to assist with refurbishing computers. Volunteers can work during office hours and we also schedule weekend times to coordinate many volunteers together.

Though you do not need any technical training or ability, it helps to have a basic understanding of computers and software.  We will teach you everything you need to know – some of the tasks volunteers help us with are:

  • Cleaning computers, monitors, and keyboards
  • Testing monitors & attaching stands
  • Adding hard drives and memory
  • Conducting computer diagnostics
  • Installing software, operating systems

Book Sorting/Labeling

The books we provide to schools are most often sorted and labeled using the 100-Book-Challenge. This is different from the Dewey System in that it codes books according to reading level. For instance, a 1st grade student can choose from green, blue, or even red labeled books depending on their reading level. So the student can simply look on any shelf and pick out the books they’ll be able to read (not too easy and not too hard).

PCF often helps to re-label books in existing school libraries or if we acquire donated books, we will label them before we donate them to a school. Coding the books entails looking them up on the Internet and then applying the appropriate color tape to the spine of the book.

Warehouse Organizing

When we receive donated equipment, it typically arrives in very large containers (boxes 6′ tall and 4′ wide). They are typically filled to the rim with an assortment of equipment all mixed up. We can always use help separating the contents of these boxes.

Recent Volunteer News: