Comcast Cares Day 2015 was the first volunteer event at the warehouse on Ridge Avenue (after we moved there from Chestnut Hill offices).

Comcast has provided great support to PCF over the years and this day certainly was no different. About 20-some-odd volunteers split into several groups to sort/code books, clean computers, install hard drives and memory, installing Linux, and untangling and sorting boxes (and boxes!) of wires, mice, keyboards and so on.

A special thanks to Michele Monte, Nicole Tomasulo, and Michael Borrelle from Comcast for organizing and including PCF in this great annual event.

And besides the great volunteer day, Comcast also provided PCF with some much needed supplies like foldout tables, chairs, electronics vacuum cleaners, chairs, fatigue floor mats and brought in a fully catered lunch and refreshments.

All around a great day and we appreciate the support!