Western Phila. Suburbs

PCF has started a Chapter organization West of Philadelphia servicing the areas near and around Coatesville, Downingtown, West Chester, and Lancaster.

PCF’s Western Suburbs Chapter is Headed up by Two Students.
Here is their story:

Srikar B. and Ashwin M.

Srikar B. and Ashwin M.

As sophomores in the Downingtown Area School District, we are fortunate to have access to state of the art educational facilities and tools.

While these facilities and tools are available to all students in our school district, we were surprised that such tools are not available for students in other school districts in the Greater Philadelphia area and its suburbs.

With lack of access to computers , these students may have difficulty in accessing the necessary online resources.  In this day and age, computer literacy is essential as almost everything is done electronically.

We are excited to partner with Phillykids.org,  a non-profit organization that has been helping schools, community centers and  in Philadelphia for many years, to collect laptops and desktops and donate them to the students and schools in Western Philadelphia suburbs, to change their lives forever.

I am in 10th grade at the Downingtown STEM Academy.  I am very lucky to have working educational tools available to all students in my school district.

I have noticed that while students in my school district are provided with the tools to learn digitally, there are several school districts that do not have access to these tools. Computer literacy is essential for the current generation since almost everything is done electronically now.  I was really shocked when I came aware to the fact that children do not have access to computers, even for learning purposes.

I sincerely feel every student deserves access to computer or a laptop to ensure they have access to  online educational tools. With your help, we can provide computers to struggling children and their schools, to change their lives forever.

I am in 10th grade at Downingtown East High School and am very fortunate to have good educational facilities available in my school district.

As a student, I have noticed how much computers contribute to student development. In the modern day, computers are becoming more and more relevant in every field of work, so I was surprised when I learned that, even here in the United States, which is considered to be a developed country, there are many schools and children who do not have access to computers.

Such students will not have a chance to receive a fundamental education. I believe that providing access to computers to underprivileged students will bring about a sea of change to their lives.

I hope to have your support for a very long time to achieve this goal

Contact Us:

If you live, or do business, West of Philadelphia (Coatesville, Downingtown, West Chester, Lancaster and surrounding areas) and would like to contact us, please email phillysubsurbs@phillykids.org


The following donors have donated to PCF’s Western Suburbs chapter directly. Additional supplies were provided by other PCF Donors.


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