PCF Support of Programs and Community Centers

Besides working with schools and families directly, PCF is committed to help Community Centers, Churches, After School programs, and anyone else willing to make computers available to their communities free of charge. That includes supporting other organizations, non-profits, and programs by providing them with computers and projectors, or assist in teaching classes. PCF has partnered with various other organizations that run programs to benefit the communities we serve. Often times these organizations are able to [...]

One Way to Spend Your Spring Break…

Western Suburbs Chapter volunteers Ashwin and Srikar chose to spend time volunteering for PCF during their short Spring Break holiday this year. With the help of their families, they met PCF at our storage facility where we refurbished a lot of computers on the first day. The next day they returned to visit three different community centers in Philadelphia to install/drop-off the newly refurbished computers. The three programs we helped that day are: Concerned Black [...]

150 Laptops Donation By Ellucian, Malvern

On 13th March 2019, PCF Director Jan Deruiter and the PCF Western suburbs co-founders Srikar and Ashwin, along with their volunteers Divyesh and Vineeth picked up a donation of 150 laptops and 3 iPads from Ellucian in Malvern, PA. We are extremely grateful for this donation as both the laptops and the iPads are very desirable and hard to come by! This donation is in addition to another 100 laptops we received from Ellucian last [...]

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60 High-End Laptops to Three Schools

On August 20th, PCF Western suburbs co-founders Ashwin and Srikar, along with their new volunteer Divyesh G., had the opportunity to visit three Philadelphia public schools to distribute a total of 60 laptops. Over the summer, the duo contacted local area companies and organizations to solicit the computer donations. In the end, they acquired about 120 great laptops, many of them with touch screens, lots of memory and crisp displays. Ashwin and Srikar cleaned the equipment [...]

10-Unit Lab at South Philly Community Center

Last Friday, PCF Director Jan Deruiter joined PCF's Western Suburb Chapter members Srikar and Ashwin for the installation of a 10-unit lab in a South Philadelphia Community Center. The Community Center offers a variety of programs to serve the Bhutanese refugee (learn more ») community who have resettled in the Philadelphia area in last ten years. Among the programs offered are computer literacy classes, music, and others. PCF installed 5 desktops in a lab room [...]

Coatesville Better Tomorrows Mini Lab

Today, the PCF Western Suburbs Chapter team of Srikar and Ashwin installed their second Community Center at Better Tomorrows, a national organization that empowers communities around the country, including Coatesville, PA. The organization's social coordinator, Ms. Crystal Lowery, contacted PCF requesting a donation of ten computers along with a printer for their Center. Ashwin and Srikar successfully completed the setup by refurbishing, imaging, and installing four desktops, six laptops, and a printer. In the application, Ms. [...]

Coatesville ‘Kids to College’ Mini Lab

This week, the PCF Western Suburbs crew installed their first Community Center Lab in Coatesville, Pa. Ashwin and Srikar, who head up the PCF Western Suburbs chapter, identified the Program to support and solicited the equipment donations that were used (in part) to support the program. Additional support was provided by PCF. The recipient program is called the "Coatesville Kids to College" program, which is headed up by Mr. Keith Wilburn and is housed in [...]