• PCF Library Support Program

PCF has donated thousands of books and helped by color-coding books according to reading level (100-Book Challenge).

Community and school libraries represent one of the most important centers of learning available to many underprivileged children in Philadelphia and around the country.  While we all have fond memories of spending a quiet afternoon reading and researching in our local libraries, for many of our inner-city students their community and school libraries are simply inadequate for their needs. Whether it is a lack of materials or outdated books, many disadvantaged students do not have access to the kinds of reading materials that others so often take for granted.

The goal of this program is to help replenish the city’s undersupplied school libraries and classrooms while fostering student interest in reading.

Please contact us if you have books to donate, would like to organize a book drive, or if you would like to come in to help us code and label the books we have already have.

Library Support News:

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