PCF is a non-profit organization that relies on donated books, computer equipment, toys, and supplies to do our work. We commit our own resources in order to deploy them to schools, classrooms, rec centers, libraries, and families in need.

Computer / Equipment Donations

PCF prefers bulk donations to make it worth our time to do the pickups but if you are willing to drop off a working system in West Mt. Airy, we would never refuse 🙂

Generally speaking we’d love any of the following in working condition:

  • Desktop computers (with unlocked BIOS)
  • Laptop computers (unlocked BIOS and preferably with power supplies)
  • Flatscreen monitors
  • Laser printers (very popular)
  • iPads (unlocked) (very popular)
  • Overhead projectors (with working bulbs)
  • Network switches (with power supplies)
  • Patch cables (with ends intact)
  • Power strips
  • Extension cords

If some of the equipment (that is part of a larger donation) is broken then we can recycle it for you (we also work with a fully certified and HIPAA compliant recycler for on-site drive shredding if needed).

Before deployment, PCF can guarantee that we will:

  • Erase the hard disks
  • Format and install Linux OS (Xubuntu)
  • Remove asset tags with identifiable information
  • If required, we can do a more secure 7-step erasing process

Other Material Donations

PCF will gladly accept age-appropriate books, toys (new), shelving, supplies (e.g. excess corporate gifts), etc. Please contact Jan Deruiter to discuss making a material goods donation to PCF.