On Tuesday September 19, The Philadelphia Children’s Foundation, Health Partners Plans, and the Health Partners Foundation presented The Laboratory Charter School with 60 refurbished Laptop Computers. The computers will be used by the teachers and their students.

Established in 1997, ‘Lab Charter’ has three locations in Philadelphia: 2 in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia and another in Poplar (below Fishtown). Laboratory Charter School provides a progressive, multi-lingual, and culturally diverse educational environment.

PCF’s long time partner Health Partners Plans has been a community partner of Lab Charter for some time and asked to earmark their equipment donation to the school. And in a first, HPP’s internal IT department did the actual “imaging” of the machines. Mr. Anthony Cedrone and his group used the USB sticks provided by PCF to image the laptops after they erased the hard drives. PCF will provide the ongoing support and maintenance plus we will be providing the schools with additional desktop computers over time.

Ms Staci Scott, Executive Director of the Health Partners Foundation even arranged for customized bags for each of the laptops.

After the presentations, we were invited to take a tour of the school, popping our heads into some of the classes and speaking with some of the students. We were quite impressed with the nice but serious atmosphere in the school and felt very satisfied that our collective effort and donations will be put to good use. We look forward to working with Lab Charter in the future!