Today we picked up a donation of iMacs and Projectors from Friends’ Central School in the Overbrook area of Philadelphia. We are extremely excited to accept this donation as both the iMacs and the Projectors are very desirable and hard to come by!

The iMacs will be distributed to classrooms that require desktop computers with Wi-Fi capability (our normal machines need to be hardwired). And we will use some of these Macs as take-home computers upon special request by the schools we work with.

We want to thank Friends’ Central and in particular Director of Technology Mr. Dan Crowley for their support and assistance. The iMacs came fully prepped and ready to be deployed (they wiped the hard drives and installed a fresh copy of the latest OS).

The VGA projectors are extremely desirable too as schools often cannot afford to purchase replacement bulbs for their aging units. The 25 or so donated units will likely all be distributed and put to use within the next two to three weeks (we will put out a special application for the schools we work with).