When PCF heard that Emlen Elementary was converting an unused, junk-filled classroom into a library, we got very excited and offered to help.

The completion of this project was a huge undertaking and involved a lot of individuals, private donations, school personnel, private schools and organizations including PCF. The opening ceremony was very touching with kids speaking as well as the family of Elbridge G. James, to whom the Learning Center and Library is dedicated.

Throughout the year, we helped with the removal of the blackboard (which was traded for used shelving at Philadelphia Salvage in Mt Airy), plastering, painting, building new shelving, donating sorted books, organizing, etc.

We ramped up our Library Support during the next volunteering events and sorted and color-coded hundreds of books that we brought back to the warehouse for processing.

Plus of course the room would not be complete without a PCF ‘Mini-Lab’ (consisting of two computers and a printer) for students and/or teachers to use.

Here is a Newsworks article: With community support, Emlen Elementary opens school library