PCF was featured in an article in The Notebook, Philadelphia public schools’ independent voice for parents, educators, students, and friends of Philadelphia Public Schools. In the article, PCF Director and Principal Thomas from Emlen were interviewed about the beginnings of what became PCF’s Classroom Computers Program.

Out with the old? Not so fast

District schools like Emlen and Robeson are taking donated technology and making it work in classrooms

By Paul Jablow on Mar 24, 2015

Jan Deruiter still isn’t sure why he wandered into a general parent meeting at Lingelbach Elementary School near his home in Mount Airy two years ago.

But that chance visit could bring a major influx of donated computers to classrooms citywide, as well as changes to a District policy on using old technology.

Until recently, the District has discouraged the use of donated equipment, leaving many schools with aging hardware that neither students nor teachers could use.

Deruiter, who runs Mostly Web Inc., a web development company, was stunned to learn about the… [read the article] [or view the PDF]