Chromebooks: Resolving Audio/Video Issues (Zoom/Meet)

The Philadelphia School District has provided some guidelines to deal with Zoom/Meet issues on CHROMEBOOKS (no video, no audio). Besides making sure it is set up correctly, it appears some of the Chromebooks are barely powerful enough and some housekeeping may alleviate the issues you are experiencing. Note: the below applies to District-provided Chromebooks, not the lap- and desk-tops provided by us (PCF). (Click images below to enlarge) Verify your settings (in case of no [...]

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Connecting Your Camera and Microphone

Very few of the desktop computers PCF has given out include a camera or microphone. And most of the laptops do not include a camera or microphone either. These laptops were either too old or they were ordered to exclude these features due to privacy concerns. Times have changed... PCF has found cameras online for less than $20. If you are looking to purchase one, please make sure the lens is auto focus and the [...]

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Connecting to Wi-Fi

Desktop Computer Users: USB wi-fi adapter Desktop computers typically do not have wi-fi built-in. You will need a USB Wi-Fi "adapter" to add wi-fi functionality to your desktop computer. A Wi-Fi adapter is a little device that plugs into one of your USB ports on your computer (just like your keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.). If you do not have a wi-fi adapter, you will need to connect your desktop computer to your internet [...]

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Updating your Computer

For a variety of reasons, it is good practise to keep your computer updated. Sometimes, websites will stop working if your browser is too old plus there are security updates/patches, and so on. To update your computer, follow these steps: Step 1: Click the Xubuntu menu at the top left of your screen: Step 2: Type "Update" and launch the orange "Software Updater" app: Step 3: If it appears, click "OK" to ignore the "Failed [...]

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How to Set up Your Desktop

Download the PDF of this page » Step 1 - Placing the equipment Decide where you want your computer to go Make sure you have a working Internet connection nearby (in wall or router) Make sure power is nearby Set up a table/s for the computer/s Decide how to make do with the room you have Do not connect any wires until you are sure where your equipment will go Start by putting the keyboard/s [...]

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Wi-Fi Networks Do Not Show Up

On the top right of your desktop screen, you will find the time and some smaller icons for networking, bluetooth, volume, etc. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, simple choose the network from the list of available networks in the networking dropdown (top right). If no networks appear, first make sure the "Enable Networking" is checked/on in that menu. Then also make sure the "Enable Wi-Fi" is enabled as well. If Wi-Fi is not shown [...]

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Battery Not Holding a Charge

If your computer's battery does not hold a charge (for long) then likely your battery or charger are damaged. This can happen due to age and/or physical damage. If the battery LED on your laptop intermittently flashes amber or red, then there may not be much you can do. Remove the battery and re-install it to make sure this isn't the problem. If that didn't work, you can contact us to see if we are [...]

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Changing the Main Language of Your System

If you would like to pick a language other than "English (United States)" as your main language, follow these instructions: Important: make sure your computer is connected to the Internet via hard wire or wi-fi. make sure you are logged in as an Admin (see FAQ "(Very) Basic Getting-Started Guide (incl Admin password)" for default password info Please note that the support for languages varies. That is why you specify a Main language as well [...]

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Complete Xubuntu Documentation

Since early 2016, PCF has been using Xubuntu for all of our computers. Xubuntu is a Debian/Ubuntu based operating system that is bosh fast and user friendly. We are using version 16.0.4 which is supported until April of 2019. If you are interested, the full user documentation for version 16.0.4 is located here:  

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