The Philadelphia School District has provided some guidelines to deal with Zoom/Meet issues on CHROMEBOOKS (no video, no audio).

Besides making sure it is set up correctly, it appears some of the Chromebooks are barely powerful enough and some housekeeping may alleviate the issues you are experiencing.

Note: the below applies to District-provided Chromebooks, not the lap- and desk-tops provided by us (PCF).

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Verify your settings (in case of no audio or video):

Please make sure that the students have allowed the Camera and Microphone to be used with Zoo:

Each Chrome browser tab has its own settings. Make sure the settings for your Zoom session allow for both Audio and Video:

There is a video here:

At the end of the EACH DAY, Sign Out and Shut Down your Chromebook

Signing out and shutting down clears certain types of caches and will check for updates. Also, using devices with a (very) low battery may cause wi-fi and audio/video issues.

Update your Chromebook

For another update, update your “Chrome Policies”:  enter chrome://policy in your browser and click enter. Then click “Update policies” button.


Here is a video on the above

Close any apps and browser tabs you do not need

Apps and browser tabs use up memory you need to run Zoom. Close anything you do not need: shut down extra Apps and close unused browser tabs.

Clear Your Cache and Cookies. Daily or at least weekly:

A video on how to clear your Chrome Browser History Cache and Cookies