Connecting to Wi-Fi

Desktop Computer Users: USB wi-fi adapter Desktop computers typically do not have wi-fi built-in. You will need a USB Wi-Fi "adapter" to add wi-fi functionality to your desktop computer. A Wi-Fi adapter is a little device that plugs into one of your USB ports on your computer (just like your keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.). If you do not have a wi-fi adapter, you will need to connect your desktop computer to your internet [...]

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Wi-Fi Networks Do Not Show Up

On the top right of your desktop screen, you will find the time and some smaller icons for networking, bluetooth, volume, etc. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, simple choose the network from the list of available networks in the networking dropdown (top right). If no networks appear, first make sure the "Enable Networking" is checked/on in that menu. Then also make sure the "Enable Wi-Fi" is enabled as well. If Wi-Fi is not shown [...]

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