PCF installed a 15-unit computer lab at the Brewerytown Sharswood NAC/CDC, located at 30th & Master Street in the Brewerytown section of Philadelphia.

The facility serves a community of over 8,000 of which 51% live below the government poverty level line; the rate of unemployment is higher than any other zip code (19121) in the city of Philadelphia; the school drop out rate is high with a high rate of recidivism in this service area. Our facility is open to all the residents: youth, young adults and seniors.

The computers will be used for the following:

  • Educational (homework assignments, research)
  • Employment Search/Development (for anyone 14 and over seeking employment and resume writing)
  • Employment Training (for residents to improve or brush up on computer skills)
  • Recreation (especially for seniors who may want to learn how to use the computer and learn fun things)
  • The computer lab will be operated on a daily basis; currently, there are two volunteers committed to assisting the public