This publicly accessible computer lab at the Haven Paniel Methodist Church in North Philadelphia was referred to us by the Brewerytown Community Center (where we recently installed a lab). Pastor Brawner also runs a Youth Center in Southwest Philadelphia where we installed a 3-unit lab and a printer.

Haven Peniel United Methodist Church has a rich 139 year history of serving economically disadvantaged people in Philadelphia in part by bringing needed resources to the community. They offer several programs for local youth and individuals that are under-employed or unemployed.

The Academy will offer classes in keyboarding, mouse skills, Internet safety, as well as basic, intermediate, and advanced classes in computer usage, resume writing, interview techniques, and electronic job searching strategies. At the end of each level, participants will take a performance-based assessment to verify their skill mastery. Participants who pass the assessment(s) will receive a digital certificate or “badge” which can be uploaded to social media sites such as LinkedIn for review by potential employers.

PCF installed 10 computers in the Academy’s lab and will return there shortly to add a printer to their network.