PMHCC (The Philadelphia Mental Health Care Corporation) has donated computer equipment to PCF in the past. Even though it had been a year and a half or so, all of us remembered how cold it was during the last pickup. It must have been traumatic because even though it was the middle of July, we all came better prepared: more people, more carts, a bigger truck, and razor blades to remove the asset tag stickers !

To process the equipment, asset tag numbers are matched against inventory sheets and the labels are removed. In addition to the computers and monitors, we also received quite a few large laser printers. These will come in handy as the ink is much cheaper than inkjet printer cartridges.

PMHCC makes a major contribution to Philadelphia’s citizens by serving as an umbrella organization for special programs and initiatives, and providing critical administrative services to mental health, substance abuse, intellectual disabilities, human services, special health and related city offices and health programs.

Pcf is grateful for the support they have given us with equipment donations!