PCF has been busy distributing and installing Laser Printers to schools and community centers in need.

In many schools, teachers only have access to the printer in their school’s main office, which means they have to leave their classroom and walk several flights of stairs just to print a document. For the Community Centers, it allows their users to print their resumes, applications and other documents.

PCF came into a large donation of 40 HP Laser Printers that are work horses and which are easy to set up. The best part is that toner for laser printers is much cheaper than cartridges for inkjet printers. For these HP laser printers, we’ve been able to source 3rd party toner for as little as ~$15 for 5,000+ pages.

The hard part for PCF is to decide who to give them to as the need is great and we only had 40 printers to give away. We have a few left in reserve (in case any of the ones we gave away ended up not working) and hope to get additional printers in the future.

Since our installations in April, we have worked with the District’s IT department on setting these up as network printers so teachers can share the printers we install. That would allow neighboring classrooms to share printers and the burden of buying paper and toner cartridges.

Printers were distributed to Dobson Elementary in Manayunk and Emlen, Houston and AB Day on Mt Airy. A few of the printers were used for the Community Centers we did over the summer too.