Right next to Cramp Elementary school, whom we supplied with classroom computers in the past, is the Schmidt Recreation Center. The Center helps students after school with homework and other programs.

When we contacted Cramp about updating their computers, they asked if PCF would be willing to help the Rec Center with computers. After reading their application, this was a no brainer !

In part, it read:

Schmidt Playground is located next to Cramp School in the Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia. Many of the children that attend our homework help program are from families struggling for basic necessities. Many of the parents did not graduate from high school or do not understand English and struggle with understanding their children’s homework.

The computers will be used by neighborhood children for research, school projects and playing educational games. They will also be used by recreation staff to communicate with other support organizations and for improving programming within the facility. We would also like to have a Facebook page to promote the positive aspects of our programs.

Yesterday we installed the three computers they requested. The students helped with the setup and came up with a fair way for them to take turns using them. And before we even packed our bags, they were being used already.

PCF will be checking in with them from time to time to ensure the machines are running smoothly and help with additional equipment should they need it.