PCF wrapped up the 3D printing course at Henry in West Mt. Airy last week. For the last few months, we have worked with their students on using web based 3D programs. The 3D printer is a novelty and sending students home with the plastic trinkets they created is a great motivator.

In the process of creating the various objects, students learn computer skills that also apply to many other types of graphics programs such as CAD, Photoshop, and so forth.

Every Friday, students worked on their creations. Before the next class, PCF would touch up the objects (if needed) and print them for the students. The students are always so excited to see how their things come out!

Towards the end of our program, Henry had become interested enough in 3D printing that they raised the money to purchase their very own printer! The photos below show students huddled around their own printed in action.

PCF just finished up with the students but is still working with Henry’s teachers to ensure they get the most out of their printer.

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