PCF received a generous equipment donation of about 120 CPU’s and monitors from a company that wishes to remain anonymous. We are accustomed to receiving equipment donations in parking lots and loading docs at corporate parks, school grounds on the mainline, or downtown. But this was the first time we ventured out to the airport to pick up the goods curbside !

The logistics were a little tricky as you can’t leave your car or truck for too long and access to assist inside is limited. But thanks to the help of Liljana and others, we filled up a 10′ rental truck on the first trip and PCF Director’s car on the second trip. The car was so loaded that the mirrors had to be adjusted 🙂

Because of security concerns of the data on the drives, PCF rented a separate storage unit to quarantine the equipment to prevent it from getting mixed in with the rest of our inventory until the drives were securely erased. A painfully long 7x secure wiping process that ensures no data can be recovered. But for as long as that takes, it is still easier and more economical than having to open machines, install replacement drives, etc. so we were grateful.

A lot of the computers were immediately deployed to the community centers we worked with over the summer (while school was out).