Just before summer break, Endo Pharmaceuticals contacted PCF about a donation of 200 used iPads. They came without chargers/cables but those were easy enough to get. 200 iPads was huge and we knew we’d make some teachers (and their students) very happy campers.

We worked closely with the Philadelphia School District to identify the schools and teachers that would utilize them the most but at the same time, would be able to secure them and support them over time. We created an application that asked for the various schools to explain how they’d be used and cared for. And after reviewing their applications, PCF picked 8 schools to receive up to 25 iPads each (leaving us with a few as replacements if needed).

It took PCF volunteers about a month to format the devices, set up iTunes accounts, adding tailored educational Apps for each school, plus about $1,700 for chargers and cables.

The schools that received iPads were Shawmont, Jenks, Mifflin, AB Day, Logan, Edmunds, Fitler, and Houston.