PCF’s own Michael O’Bryan was named a 2014 BMe Leader for his work with Built4Us, a youth-based media non-profit publishing company that views creativity and interactive media as vital tools for psychological well-being.

Michael is a passionate scholar who combines music, science, and psychology into programs aimed at helping youths process community trauma.

Michael O'BryanAs part of the award, Michael will receive a $10,000 grant to be used to jumpstart his unique program in Philadelphia.  Michael has been an active leader for years apart from his work with the Philadelphia Children’s Foundation.  Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, Michael graduated from the University of the Arts in 2007 and has since ingrained himself into Philadelphia’s ecosystem as ardent advocate for youth and the city’s homeless.  He has been a long time staff member as a youth services coordinator at The Red Shield Family Residence of The Salvation Army and serves as the music department coordinator at New Freedom Theatre.

His support of PCF has been invaluable, especially when it comes to establishing sustainable administrative functions and sharing his expertise on the grant-writing process.

BMe Leaders are black men whose authenticity, commitment, and caring inspires others. They are fathers, coaches, and entrepreneurs; everyday black men who help to make their cities more caring and prosperous.

BMe members are creating positive change through a variety of issues they care about, ranging from youth development to public health; stopping violence to helping former inmates; protecting the environment to community farming; and spurring entrepreneurship to improving financial literacy.

Collectively, BMe Leaders have served over 130,000 of their neighbors in the communities they live and work.  The program has recognized the incredible work of leaders across several US cities, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Detroit.

Bravo, Michael!