PCF’s six awesome interns help build a better future for Philadelphia’s children.

PCF interns prepare computers

Aliya and Denise prepare computer equipment for 2nd grade students at Hartranft Elementary School.

This summer, the Philadelphia Children’s Foundation has a team of seven brilliant interns who are working hard to fulfill the mission of PCF: to help children of all ages find their passion, develop needed skills, and make positive career and life decisions to achieve a successful future.  Whether in the office or off site at a computer drop-off, these interns never miss a beat, and we are very excited to welcome them on board for Summer 2014.

Denise Sciasci

Denise is a rising senior at Saint Joseph’s University.  She is studying English, with a minor in Spanish and Linguistics.  Denise is the Administrative Assistant intern at PCF, and works with Executive Director John Bannan to complete basic office duties.  Additionally, she is an active writer for PCF’s social media outlets, blogs, and newsletters. Denise has a passion for service and hopes to work with a children’s Nonprofit after she graduates in 2015.

David Katz PCF Intern

David directs traffic during the Hatranft donation.

David Katz

David is a junior at Washington College, studying Computer Science and Mathematics.  He currently works with PCF as the in-office IT manager.  David oversees the rehabilitation of the donated computers and attends drop-off events at surrounding Philadelphia elementary schools.  David is extremely tech-saavy and enjoys teaching the other interns at PCF the ins and outs of all things computers!

Becca Olson

Becca is a rising junior at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Becca is studying History at Vassar, and uses her excellent writing and organizational skills to work as an additional administrative assistant intern at PCF.  She is a two-year member of Vassar’s Women’s varsity soccer team and plans to join the rugby team in the fall.

PCF Interns Becca Alphonse

Becca and Alphonse handing out computer towers at Hartranft Elementary.

Alphonse Wilfred

Alphonse is a Junior at Temple University with a major in Economics.  Alphonse, along with Economics, is equally passionate about social justice and economic equality.  He is an intern with the Grant Development Department as well as the Business Development Department at PCF.  Alphonse hopes to work in politics or the business field after he attains his Bachelor’s degree from Temple.

Aliyah Carr

Aliyah is entering into her last semester at Valley Forge Christian College.  She will be graduating in December with a Bachelors degree of Science in Psychology. Aliyah is using her psychological skills to help with research projects, specifically for PCF’s resource website. She also assists with special in-office duties and attends many off site PCF events.

Raphael Rivero

Raphael Rivero

Raphael Rivero

Raphael Rivero is a senior Psychology major at Temple University. Raphael, along with Aliyah, is using his background in psychological research to assist with the development of websites, surveys, and promos to help spread the word of PCF and its mission.  He also uses his technological skills to assist with with frequent computer-drop offs and computer hardware fixing.