Two weeks or so ago, Friends’ Central School in Wynnewood donated a van-load full of iMacs and Projectors to PCF. This week, the projectors were distributed to some very happy schools including Emlen, Logan, Dobson, Mifflin, Steel, Houston, and Edmonds.

To save each school’s tech person the hassle, PCF changed the settings on the projectors as they will not be ceiling mounted. It is a little quirky changing the settings when the screen is projected upside down 🙂  At Logan, the student Tech Masters team changed the settings of the projectors for their own school.

The projectors are a very hot commodity in schools. They are used by teachers to project their laptop onto walls, projection screens, whiteboards or (older model) smart-boards.

These projectors were in good shape and PCF will purchase the 3 or 4 replacement bulbs for the projectors that needed them.

Thanks again to Director of IT Dan Crowley and the rest of Friends’ Central School for their support !