During the 20117-18 school year, a great deal of effort was spent ensuring that the teachers in the schools we work with have all the computer equipment they need…or that they have room for, in some cases.

The District has done a great job providing schools with additional computers and ChromeBooks but the need remains great. So PCF has worked hard to try and fill the gap.

In many cases. the hardest part for us is to find physical space in the rooms and in some cases, to find power. You would be shocked to learn how often rooms do not have any outlets and have to run extension cords through the ceiling from adjacent rooms! That one cord then will ‘power’ a half dozen power strips connected to microwaves, mini fridges, radios, pencil sharpeners, etc. and our computers.

Whenever we install computers into a school, we try to get as many of the students to help us as possible. This is typically harder at the beginning of the school year as the kids are busy in class. Later in the year, though, some of the students that are ahead of their classmates are allowed to help us. With these students we create “Tech-Master” clubs where we teach them how to maintain the computers in their school (re-image and swap out computers as needed). Learn more about our Tech-Master program »

Below are just a select few of all the rooms we outfitted this year.