The next best thing to providing families with computers to take home is to install them into publicly accessible places such as Home & School Association rooms inside schools we are working with, Community Centers and libraries.

Home & School Association (H&SA) Rooms

There are many reasons why we like to set up mini labs into H&SA Rooms inside schools.

  • Schools love to get the parents or caregivers to come to the school.
  • Besides the computers, we typically install a working printer as well. This allows students to print their homework or other materials when needed (we’ve found that families often lack a working printer, even when they do have a working computer at home).
  • The computers are part of the school network and thus behind SDP firewall, which reduces our concerns about how the equipment is being used.

Community Centers

For similar reasons as H&SA Rooms references below, we like to support Community Centers when we can.

Mini-Labs News:

PhillyKids is Looking for Part-Time Worker/s

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Mini Lab Installation in Kensington

Right next to Cramp Elementary school, whom we supplied with classroom computers in the past, is the Schmidt Recreation Center. The Center helps students after school with homework and other programs. When we contacted Cramp [...]

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Classroom Computers & Mini-Lab at W. Cramp

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, PCF was able to install 30 computers into various classrooms and the Family Resource Room at William Cramp Elementary. Prior to installing the computers, PCF  provided Cramp with 8 [...]

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Houston Library Computers

PCF has had the fortune of working with Henry H. Houston Elementary school quite a bit in the past. They were our second Classroom Computers program installation plus we have helped them with iPads, the [...]

February 18th, 2016|Library Support, Publicly Accessible Mini-Labs|

Publicly Accessible Computers & Printers Inside Schools

One of the things we observed from installing computers into the homes of families was the absence of working printers. We learned that depending on the school, most students do not have a computer at home.* And amongst those [...]

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